May 8, 2008

On the way to the Mexican-Guatemalan border the road descended from 2,200m to 600m. Our beloved hammocks appeared all around accompanied with the unbearable heat. We left the indigenous highlands behind us.

Leaving San Cristóbal.
Looking at the lowlands.

We had our last tranquil night in a small rancho and headed towards the border the following morning. We didn't have tortillas and there wasn't any village or shop around. We reached a small restaurant and asked to buy tortillas. They prepared us fresh hand-made tortillas, gave us salsas, fried platanos and cold water and would not accept any money.
This gesture, coming from a restaurant, reminded us again of how much we will miss Mexico. The culture of 'tranquilo', in which people don't run like blind after modernization, and care about the important things in life (what things are important?) made us love Mexico.

The friendly restaurant.
Guatemala - here we come!